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Our product of the month June
preBIULIN™ C90 - The natural (and transparent) All-In-One thickener!

The cosmetic industry searches already for quite some time for an ingredient that solves all problems at once, but the search is now over!

Our partner Gobiotics presents with the raw material preBIULIN C90 a natural thickener, which is even able to thicken surfactants transparently without sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES). preBIULIN C90 forms further clear gels, is salt resistant, pH stable, has a noticeable conditioning effect and provides and exceptional texture!

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Our highlight of the month June
Eosidin™ - The immuno-modulator for indoor pollution control!

Eosidin™ is the first product targeting specifically indoor pollution and tackling skin immuno-modulation to avoid atopic-prone skin condition and hypersensitivity.

It is a natural active ingredient extracted from green citrus unshiu originated from Jeju island in Korea, a UNESCO heritage protected island. The extract is enriched in highly potent molecules like Synephrine, Hesperidin, and Naringin, which play a major role in regulating the immuno-modulation and decrease hypersensitivity conditions. By targeting Eotaxin and Eosinophils recruitment in the skin, which are key factors in the skin's immune response, Eosidin™ is able to reduce atopic-prone skin conditions.