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Über Uns

Permcos GmbH is an international company that specializes in the sale and distribution of raw materials for the cosmetics market. Our long-term and partnership-based cooperation with renowned raw material manufacturers from all over the world enables us to offer you innovative and high-quality raw materials.

Another mainstay of Permcos GmbH is the development and sale of raw materials which are offered under our own name. It is our aim to manufacture market-oriented products that are specifically tailored to the needs and expectations of consumers.

As an international trading company, Permcos GmbH currently operates in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland. Since its foundation in 1996, this family-run company has successfully established itself as a reliable partner to the manufacturing industry in these markets.


For this reason, the focus of activities at Permcos is always on the customer. True to the motto "being able to listen is half the success", we offer advice that is specifically geared towards the needs of the customer and national and international regulations. We support our customers on a scientific or technical level, develop marketing or product concepts together and help with regulatory issues.

Our central location in Stein, Switzerland, as well as warehouses in Switzerland and the European Union allow Permcos to react quickly and flexibly to inquiries. Our existing extensive sample warehouse is also particularly valued in this context.

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