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New collaboration with the company Roelmi HPC
We are pleased to inform you that we as Permcos GmbH took over the distribution of the Personal Care portfolio from the company ROELMI HPC for Switzerland with immediate effect.

ROELMI HPC is the global expert in innovation for Health & Personal Care, with a range of functional ingredients and active ingredients.

Sustainability, efficacy and functionality are the key words for ROELMI HPC and they really live them with every single breath. This commitment is demonstrated for example with a precise efficacy verification of every single batch and a minimum level of efficacy is even part of the specification.

ROELMI HPC further makes sure that there is no environmental impact from their actions and this applies to the ingredient selection, the processing as well as the final packaging of all their raw materials and samples.

It is our pleasure to briefly introduce some of their products below and we hope that we can pique your interest:

Olifeel Pearls: This raw material is truly remarkable, because it is an easy-to-use oil phase thickener for any kind of oil. Olifeel Pearls is further olive derived, natural cosmetics compatible and offers even a nice emolliency.

PrincipHYAL Cube3: This active ingredient is surely the most powerful Hyaluronic Acid that you have ever seen. It combines the full effective molecular weight spectrum of Hyaluronic Acid and offers therefore penetration enhancement, short term lifting and excellent skin hydration.

Celus-Bi Esters: This is a brand new line of esters that combines perfectly wonderful texture, with naturalness and eco-responsibility. You can choose between a silky, light or rich texture and we are sure that you will really appreciate their skin-feel.

The company ROELMI HPC is a perfect extension of the current Permcos portfolio and we are extremely happy about this new cooperation.
Hyaluronan as you have never seen before!
Hyaluronic Acid is still the darling active ingredient in the beauty industry and it is successfully used in cosmetic products for many years. But there is at the same time a huge demand from consumers for new innovative concepts and applications.

Please find below therefore some innovative Hyaluronan ideas:
• NIO-OLIGO HA – an encapsulated Hyaluronic Acid for an efficacy that can even challenge an injection.
• MULTI-HYALURON 1.5% – an exclusive combination of different molecular weights.
• DUAL LAYER PEARLS – an inner oil containing pearl, which is covered by a transparent, Hyaluronic Acid containing layer.

Have we aroused your interest and you want to know more about the raw materials? Contact us directly at permcos@permcos.com for more information!

We are looking forward to your inquiries!

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Inspired by Nature!
Do you already know our great selection of extracts?

Inspired by Nature sounds at the first glance like a commercial slogan, but there is hardly another industry, for which this statement has more meaning than the cosmetics. The nature in its diversity provides beauty, texture, odor, functionality and regionality, all parameters that are highly important in cosmetics. We are therefore searching since thousands of years for possibilities to make the natural richness accessible for health care and beauty applications and no technology has hereby a more important role than the extraction.
Permcos is your ideal partner for extracts, because we can offer you a huge selection of different plant products and our prices are top of the class. You can choose further form different extraction methods and solvents.
Especially organic qualities and unpreserved products are easily available and we are already looking forward to your next request!