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Plugin GS - natural Silicone D5 Alternative
Silicones are now very much in vogue with the end customer, as they are of synthetic origin. Despite their many advantages in cosmetics, the demand for natural alternatives is increasing. In creams, for example, silicones improve spreadability and give a pleasant skin feel. In hair care products, they create a protective and smoothing film.
If you do not like to miss the advantages of silicones and at the same time want to have a raw material of natural origin, Assessa's Plugin GS is a potential solution! Plugin GS is a combination of natural raw materials with great sensory properties.
The sensory properties of pure Plugin GS have been compared to Cyclopentasiloxane and the result is amazing! Both raw materials show almost identical properties. For example, they are non-sticky, show very good spreadability and leave an immediate, rich skin feel.

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Extracts - The concentrated power from nature!
The nature in its diversity provides beauty, texture, odor, functionality and regionality, all parameters that are highly important in cosmetics. It is fascinating which wonders nature provides for us and what plant species are used for extracts. Extraction makes this diversity of nature available to the cosmetics industry.
Together with our longterm partners, we can offer you a huge selection of extracts at the best conditions and highest quality. Another special service is the possibility to produce customised extracts and extract mixtures.
We look forward to your enquiry, because we also have the perfect solution for your recipes with our extracts!
Meadowfoam Seed Oil
The Meadowfoam Seed Oil is a fully refined triglyceride derived from the seeds of Limnanthes Alba.

The oil is very light in colour and possesses hardly any odour. The Meadowfoam Seed Oil has a unique fatty acid composition with a main chain length of 20 carbons or more.

This grants the Meadowfoam Seed an exceptional oxidative stability and provides an additional functionality.

A very pleasant skin feel and a reduction of the Trans-Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) complete the picture of the Meadowfoam Seed Oil making the raw material a highly interesting option for multiple cosmetic applications.
Beracare CBA - The no worry CBD!
Cannabis and especially CBD has become a really hot topic throughout various industries, but there are still major legal concerns as far as natural CBD is concerned. But what if we could have a natural compound that offers the same efficacy without any legal fear?
The solution that we have all been waiting for is Beracare CBA with its high content of the Phytocannabinoid Beta-Caryophyllene. This content allows Beracare CBA to act on the CB2 receptor like CBD and to offer the known anti-inflammatory efficacy.

Cyto®-Plant extracts – The whole kingdom of plants for your formulations
The extracts from the Cyto®-Plant-line are ideal for natural certified and vegan products. The Cyto®-Plantproducts are based on a mixture of vegetable glycerin and water.

We can offer you a very wide selection and moist of this extracts can even be offered as organic quality.
The anionic surfactant with excellent foaming power.

If you want to produce water-free formulations or natural cosmetics that are in trend right now, HYDRIOL® CLA PURE is just the right raw material.
Starpearls - Be inspired by the magic!

Starpearls are soft, “aqueous” pearls and they are suitable for the use in any kind of gels und emulsions to visualize or to act as carrier for actives, fragrances, flavours, peelings, glitter or pigments for example. Starpearls can be individually adapted to your wishes.

Experience the magic of these Pearls yourself and let them turn your product into something unique!
Farotti Essenze
Give your formulations a special touch.

With the natural fragrances and essential oils from our partner Farotti Essenze this is now possible. Use scents from the existing portfolio or create your own scent.

Choose the scent that makes your heart beat faster.
AQ-Save - It’s time to go Nuts!
There is hardly anything that has a higher impact on our first impression than our hair! We of course aim for thick, unbroken and shiny hair in order to give us a good and healthy look. With AQ-Save we are now able to offer you a unique active based on bioliquefied organic Italian chestnuts. The polysaccharides contained in the chestnut are able to create a protective film on our hair, which smoothens our hair fiber surface, thus boosting the shine. This film further improves our hair healthiness, by helping to improve the hair moisturization. So, stop worrying about your hair, because it’s now time to go nuts!

Have we aroused your interest and you want to know more about AQ-Save? Contact us directly at permcos@permcos.com for more information or click to the link to see our product video!

We are looking forward to your inquiries!

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Avenoferm HF - More is always better!
There is almost a general believe in the society that more is always better, but does this also apply to cosmetics? The answer is definitely yes, as far as the new raw material Avenoferm HF from our partner Phenbiox is concerned! More, because they now treated oat not only with the bioliquefaction technology, but afterward also with a yeast-based fermentation. This “HyperFermentation” significantly boots the antioxidant capacity of oat and very strongly increases the content of amino acids, flavonoids and phenolics. But the cosmetic efficacy is also boosted by this process giving Avenoferm HF very nice soothing and moisturizing properties. Avenoferm HF is last but not least able to positive modulate our skin microbiome, by keeping the overgrowth of P. acnes under control, while maintaining the microbiota biodiversity.

Have we aroused your interest and you want to know more about Avenoferm HF? Contact us directly at permcos@permcos.com for more information or or click the link to see our product video!

We are looking forward to your inquiries!

Click here for our product video!