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Powder Foam Cleanser - No water, Much Cry!

Water continuously becomes a more and more precious good, but this is no surprise, if you consider that our global annual consumption is 6x higher compared to 1930 and also our personal annual consumption became twice as high on average in that span.

The consequences of this shortage became much more visible during the last years and the situation 2018 in Cape Town is here a very recent example. For this reason, we would now like to present a powdery, water-free cleansing foam called PFC-WH505ARE.

This product needs only a few drops of water for the application and creates instantly a very nice and creamy foam, once PFC-WH505ARE comes in contact with water.

We can all contribute to save water, as you can see, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information in order to start saving water.

Have we aroused your interest and you want to know more about PFC-WH505ARE? Contact us directly at for more information.

We are looking forward to your inquiries!



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