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Product description:

The 3HC-Hair Stimulation Complex is a mix of plant derived active ingredients, able to boost the turnover of Human Follicle Dermal Papilla Cells (HFDPC), a reservoir of multipotent stem cells regulating hair follicle development.3HC-Hair Stimulation Complex consists of green grape plant stem cell able to successfully influence microcirculation, a green walnut derived product acting as a powerful direct antioxidant and a rocket salad based product able to stimulate the natural synthesis of glutathione, an endogenous antioxidant that also protects DNA and detoxifies cells. In-Vitro Tests proved that the ingredients of 3HC-Hair Stimulation Complex are able to work at different levels on HFDPC metabolism inducing synergistic long-term stimulation effects on cell growth. 3HC-Hair Stimulation Complex was used in a specific clinical trial showing the product is able to increase the hair’s lifespan and reduce hair loss in just 3 weeks.

3Hc Hair Stimulation

  • INCI

    Water, Vitis Vinifera Meristem Fruit Cell Culture, Hydrolyzed Eruca Sativa Leaf, Hydrolyzed Walnut Extract, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate 

  • Country availability

    Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg

  • Application areas

    Eye care, Hair care, Men care

  • Claim

    Reduziert Haarverlust / Reduces Hair Loss, Fördert Haarwachstum / Increases Hair Growth, Haarstärkend / Hair Reinforcing, Regionaler Ursprung / Regionally Sourced

  • Solubility

    Water soluble

  • Dose

    1 - 3 %

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