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Product description:

ALGAKTIV® Densidyl from our partner ALGAKTIV is a breakthrough hair care solution for women and men carefully formulated to combat stress-induced hair loss and graying. This advanced active ingredient consists on the one hand of the microalgae Chlorella Emersonii, which is rich in xantophyll. On the other hand, ALGAKTIV® Densidyl contains the microalgae Spirulina Maxima, which is rich in phycocyanin. Thanks to the active ingredients contained in the two algae, ALGAKTIV®Densidyl has positive effects against both, emotional and environmental stress factors.

Chronic stress and lack of sleep are the main causes of thinning hair and hair loss. These factors lead to an imbalance of cortisol and melatonin, which disrupts the natural circadian rhythm of hair follicles and causes premature aging. At the same time, environmental stressors such as UV rays and pollution penetrate the scalp, causing oxidative damage and free radicals that weaken the hair follicles. The dual action approach of ALGAKTIV® Densidyl fully tackles both problems.

ALGAKTIV® Densidyl repairs oxidative damage, effectively strengthening hair follicles and promoting vigorous growth. At the heart of this process is the increase in NRF2, an important antioxidant that strengthens hair follicles against oxidative stress. By increasing NRF2 levels, ALGAKTIV® Densidyl effectively protects against premature hair loss and graying, keeping hair vibrant and resilient.

One of the outstanding characteristics of ALGAKTIV®Densidyl is its ability to restore the circadian rhythm of the hair follicles.

By stimulating melatonin activity and inhibiting cortisol, ALGAKTIV® Densidyl protects the hair from the damaging effects of emotional stress. This comprehensive approach not only prevents premature hair loss, but also combats graying and offers a holistic solution for hair well-being.

The efficacy of ALGAKTIV®Densidyl is supported by rigorous in vitro and in vivo studies. These studies show that ALGAKTIV®Densidyl restores hair growth by repairing the hair follicle at its core and stimulating the anagen phase. Test candidates suffering from stress-induced hair loss reported significant improvements in hair thickness and volume.

In addition, ALGAKTIV®Densidyl protects and repairs the melanocytes of the follicles, restores normal hair pigmentation, and reduces graying. Its ability to optimize cell repair improves the hair and scalp holistically, improves barrier function and reduces water loss.

This scientifically sound, natural cosmetics-compliant composition of ALGAKTIV® Densidyl combats the many causes of hair loss and promotes hair health and growth. You can expect a visible improvement in hair density, hair strength and overall scalp health.

ALGAKTIV® Densidyl - Combats graying and hair loss

  • INCI

    Water, Propanediol, Chlorella Emersonii Extract, Lecithin, Spirulina Maxima Extract, Ascorbic Acid, Tocopherol

  • Country availability

    Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg

  • Application areas

    Hair care, Men's care

  • Claim

    Für Frauen und Männer/For Women and men, Mikroalgen/Microalgae, Revolutionäre Haarpflegelösung/Revolutionary hair care solution, 
    Bekämpft stressbedingten Haarausfall/Combats stress-induced hair loss, Reich an Xanthophyll und Phycocyanin/Rich in xanthophyll and phycocyanin, Unübertroffener Schutz/Unrivalled protection, Blockiert die Cortisolrezeptoren/Blocks the cortisol receptors, Repariert oxidative Schäden/Repairs oxidative damage, Stärkt die Haarfollikel/Strengthens the hair follicles, Verbessert Haarwachstum/Improves hair growth, Förderung der Melatoninaktivität/ Stimulation of melatonin activity, Bekämpft Ergrauen der Haare/Combats greying of the hair, Verbesserung Haardicke und Volumen/Improve hair thickness and volume, Verbessert Gesundheit der Kopfhaut/Improves scalp health

  • Solubility


  • Dose

    0.5 - 2.0 %

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