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Product description:

ALGAKTIV® RetinART is an innovative development from Algaktiv, a company specializing in the complex field of natural active ingredients from microalgae. Algaktiv is known for its innovations and focuses on the development of vegan and sustainable skin care ingredients.


ALGAKTIV® RetinART is a marine bio-retinol derived from Mediterranean microalgae encapsulated in pharmaceutical-grade liposomes with a patented marine biopolymer coating. This innovative active ingredient has been developed to mimic the performance of retinol in the skin while mitigating the usual side effects associated with the use of conventional retinol, particularly irritation. This success is due to ALGAKTIV® RetinART's partial and selective biological modulation of the RAR receptor. It acts on the RAR-beta receptor, whereas retinol acts on the RAR-alpha and RAR-gamma receptors, which are known to trigger inflammation and redness.


Extensive clinical studies prove the outstanding effectiveness of ALGAKTIV® RetinART compared to industry benchmarks. ALGAKTIV® RetinART outperformed both retinol and bakuchiol. A comprehensive study comparing ALGAKTIV® RetinART to the market leaders showed that ALGAKTIV® RetinART rejuvenates the skin more effectively than retinol and creates a firmer and more even complexion. Further scientific research was conducted in a study comparing ALGAKTIV® RetinART with bakuchiol. The results showed that ALGAKTIV® RetinART can clear and smooth acne-prone skin, giving it a soft and refreshed appearance. 

Remarkably, ALGAKTIV® RetinART in combination with retinol alone showed synergistic efficacy, outperforming a retinol-only cream in repairing and soothing photo-aged skin. A study in which ALGAKTIV® RetinART was combined with retinol showed superior remodeling of the skin with no noticeable side effects, clearly confirming the mechanism of action of ALGAKTIV® RetinART. It is particularly noteworthy that ALGAKTIV® RetinART improved the tolerance of test candidates sensitive to retinol by more than 50%, making it a gentle yet effective anti-aging solution, especially for sensitive skin, while soothing and nourishing sensitive skin.


Besonders hervorzuheben ist, dass ALGAKTIV® RetinART die Verträglichkeit bei Probanden, die empfindlich auf Retinol reagieren, um mehr als 50 % verbessert hat, was es besonders für empfindliche Haut zu einer sanften und dennoch wirksamen Lösung für Anti-Aging macht und gleichzeitig die empfindliche Haut beruhigt und pflegt.

Experience the transformative power of ALGAKTIV® RetinART, where scientific rigor meets innovative skincare. Enhance your skincare routine with a product based on molecular precision that offers unparalleled results in reducing age spots, fine lines and hyperpigmentation, while ensuring optimal comfort for even the most sensitive skin. 

ALGAKTIV® RetinART - Natural Retinol Alternative

  • INCI

    Chlorella Vulgaris Extract, Propanediol, Lecithin, Lactic Acid

  • Country availability

    Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg

  • Application areas

    Eye Care, Facial Care, Men's care

  • Claim

    Mikroalge/Microalgae, Natrülich/Natural, Vegan, Hautberuhigend/Skin soothing, Verbessert den Hautton/Improves skin tone,  Reduziert Rötungen/Reduce Redness, Kompatibel mit der Sonne/Compatible with the sun, Kompatibel mit Säuren/Compatible with Acids, Retinol Alternative, Anti-Falten/Anti-wrinkle, Erhöht die Hautelastizität/Increase skin elasticity, Verbessert die Festigkeit der Haut/ Improves skin firmness, Reduziert Altersflecken/Reduce Age-Spots, Reduziert Hyperpigmentierung/Reduce hyperpigmentation,  Synergistische Wirkung mit Retinol/Synergistic effect with retinol, Minimiert feine Linien & Falten/ Minimizing fine lines & wrinkles, Verbessert die Toleranz der Haut/Improves skin tolerance, Bakuchiol Alternative, Klärt und glättet zu Akne neigende Haut/Clears and smooths acne-prone skin, Reduziert Anzahl der Komedonen/Reduces the number of comedones, Verbessert die Porengrösse/Improves the pore size, Reduziert die Sebumproduktion/ Reduces sebum production, Erhöht die Hautfeuchtigkeit/Increases skin moisturisation, 

  • Solubility

    Water soluble

  • Dose

    1 - 2 %

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