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Product description:

Carnauba Wax T-1 is a natural wax extracted from the leaves of a palm tree called Copernica cerifera, native to northern Brazil. The wax protects the plant from environmental influences and prevents excessive evaporation. Carnauba wax consists mainly of esters (approx. 85%), free long-chain fatty alcohols (approx. 13%) as well as free fatty acids and resins.


This very hard natural wax is mainly used in cosmetics and is also suitable as a pharmaceutical excipient as it provides good mould release, hardness and consistency. Furthermore, it improves surface gloss and offers easy workability.


As carnauba wax has the highest melting point among natural waxes, it is suitable for improving the temperature stability of many cosmetic products.

Carnauba Wax T-1

  • INCI

    Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax/Copernicia Cerifera Cera

  • Quality


  • Product property

    Melting point: 68 - 73°C

    Degree of hardness: hard

  • Country availability

    Austria, Switzerland

  • Application areas

    Color cosmetics, Hair care, Lip care, Sun care, Pet care

  • Claim

    Natürlich/Natural, für kosmetische Formulierungen/ For cosmetic formulations, Für Dekorative Kosmetik/ For decorative cosmetics, Pharmazeutischer Hilfsstoff/Pharmaceutical excipient, Geringe Plastizität/Low plasticity, Gute Formtrennung/Good mould separation, Liefert Härte und Konsistenz/ Provides hardness and consistency, Verbessert Oberflächenglanz/Improves surface shine, Verbesserung der Temperaturstabilität/Improvement of the temperature stability, Leicht zu verarbeiten/Easy to use

  • Solubility

    Oil soluble

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