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Product description:

Amburana cearensis (Allemao) belongs to the Fabaceae family and is listed as an endangered species. Popularly known as cherry, umbellane or amburana, it is a native Brazilian tree, naturally occurring in the Northeast of Brazil. It is an upright stem tree, up to 15 m high, with a flat pod and a reddish-brown stem. Its seeds are winged, black in color with brown and white spots and exude strong smell of coumarin.


The Cerejeira Oil is obtained from this seeds. Furthermore Cherry Essential Oil of natural origin is rich in aromatic actives and has emollient properties . In the RAW quality of Beraca's oils, the oils are only obtained by pressing and filtering, no further refining takes place.


Cerejeira Oil

  • INCI

    Amburana Cearensis Seed Oil


  • Quality


  • Country availability

    Germany, Austria, Switzerland

  • Application areas

    Facial care, Body care

  • Claim


  • Solubility

    Oil soluble

  • Dose

    1 - 10 %

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