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Product description:

In an era where skincare standards are continuously evolving, CycloRetin™ emerges as a pioneering solution, redefining the essence of age-defying beauty with its innovative blend of science and nature. As the demands for high-performance skincare escalate, consumers seek products that deliver transformative results without compromising on skin health and comfort. Introducing CycloRetin™, a revolutionary active ingredient that harnesses the potent benefits of retinol-inspired age-defiance.

The traditional narrative surrounding retinol, hailed as a skincare hero since the 1980s, is now overshadowed by concerns of skin irritation. CycloRetin™ addresses this pressing issue head-on, offering a groundbreaking alternative that synergizes the age-reversing potency of retinoids with an inherent.

At the heart of CycloRetin™lies Heterophyllin B, a natural cyclic peptide extracted from prince ginseng, though not botanically related to traditional ginseng, boasts a rich history in traditional Chinese medicine spanning over three millennia. Renowned for its adaptogenic properties and hailed as a natural treasure, this revered plant contains cyclic peptides, which are further enriched in CycloRetin™.

Unlike its linear counterparts, cyclic peptides boast a three-dimensional structure, ensuring enhanced stability and superior selectivity for cell receptors. This unique biomarker empowers CycloRetin™ to unlock a spectrum of skin benefits, ranging from the synthesis of extracellular matrix components to fortifying fibroblast metabolism and bolstering the skin's barrier function.

Central to the transformative power of CycloRetin™ is its intricate mechanism of action, centered around the retinoic acid receptor (RAR). CycloRetin™leverages the retinoid pathway by using the internal available retinol to deliver results without compromise.

By increasing the expression of important enzymes involved in retinol conversion, and of the most dominant retinoid receptor in the epidermis, CycloRetin™ initiates a cascade of cellular processes that promote collagen synthesis and reinforce the dermal matrix. This not only enhances skin firmness and elasticity but also strengthens the skin's protective barrier, shielding it from environmental stressors and premature aging.

The result is skin that not only looks rejuvenated but also feels healthier and more resilient.

Clinical studies have validated its remarkable efficacy. CycloRetin™ induces a more favorable reaction from the skin compared to retinol, demonstrating rapid efficacy in reducing wrinkles within just 14 days.

Over a 4-week period, CycloRetin™outperforms bakuchiol in reshaping facial features by effectively diminishing skin sagging, while also enhancing skin firmness and promoting a radiant complexion. By advocating for a gentler approach to skincare, CycloRetin™ provides a smoother path to achieving timeless beauty without any compromises.

Experience the transformative synergy of science and nature with CycloRetin™ and embark on a journey towards radiant, youthful skin. Embrace the power of leveraging the retinoid pathway activation and unveil the key to enduring beauty with CycloRetin™.

Your skin merits only the finest care.

CycloRetin™ - The first Cyclopeptide Retinol and Bakuchiol Alternative

  • INCI

    Glycerin, Water, Pseudostellaria Heterophylla Extract

  • Country availability

    Germany, Austria, Switzerland

  • Application areas

    Color cosmetics, Facial care, Body care

  • Claim

    Retinol/Bakuchiol Alternative, Anti-Aging, Reduziert Falten und Hauterschlaffung/Reduces wrinkles and skin sagging, Stimuliert Kollagen/Stimulates collagen, Zyklisches Peptid/Cyclic Peptide, Verbessert Retinoid Stoffwechsel/Enhances Retinoid metabolism, Geeignet zur Anwendung am Tag/Suitable for daytime, Keine Hautirritationen/No skin irritation, Natrue zertifiziert/Natrue certified

  • Solubility


  • Dose

    0.3 - 2.5 %

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