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Product description: 

Dongbaek Oil - Winter's Gift for Timeless Skin Resilience

Embark on a transformative skincare journey with Dongbaek Oil, an exceptional raw material sourced from the enchanting Jeju Island, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site in South Korea. Envision the snow-kissed landscapes of Jeju, where the Camellia Japonica, also known as Tsubaki or the Rose of Winter, gracefully unfurls its delicate petals amidst the frosty embrace. Obtained through a delicate cold-pressing procedure, the seeds of this native plant yield the Dongbaek Oil that stands as a testament to the region's unique biodiversity.

Dongbaek Oil distinguishes itself with a rich composition, boasting an impressive 90% content of omega-fatty acids, prominently featuring oleic acid (Omega-9) and linoleic acid (Omega-6).

As aging unfolds its intricate processes, revealing visible signs like wrinkles. These unwelcome companions, accompanied by inflammatory factors such as Nitric Oxide (NO), Prostaglandin E2 (PGE2), and TNF-α, trigger the breakdown of essential skin components like collagen. Furthermore, the accumulation of oxidated proteins adds to the challenge, resulting in a less healthy appearance. At the forefront of this important issue lies the quest to address and alleviate the impact of aging on skin health. 

Dongbaek Oil emerges as a beacon of hope. Beyond its cosmetic allure, this distinctive oil imparts proven benefits, stimulating collagen synthesis and demonstrating potent anti-inflammatory efficacy.

In comparative studies, Dongbaek Oil has been recognized for its exceptional performance, surpassing the positive reference, Bisabolol. Clinically validated, it effectively regenerates the skin barrier, reducing irritation and transepidermal water loss. Over 12 weeks, clinical evaluations further showcase its prowess, significantly reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

Embrace this transformative journey where the spirit of the Rose of Winter becomes your ally against the inevitable traces of time. Let Dongbaek Oil compose your symphony of beauty—a melody echoing soothing, resilience, rejuvenation, and the timeless allure of Jeju Island's snow-kissed blooms.

Dongbaek Tsubaki Oil - sensitive skin, anti-wrinkle

  • INCI

    Camellia Japonica Seed Oil

  • Country availability

    Germany, Austria, Switzerland

  • Application areas

    Color cosmetics, Facial care, Hair care, Body care, Lip care

  • Claim

    Skin Care:

    Anti-Aging, Reduziert Falten/Reduces wrinkles, Entündungshemmend/Anti-Inflammatory, Hautberuhigung/Skin soothing, Anti-Oxidant, Hautverjüngung/Skin Rejuventation, Rose als Symbol der Schöhnheit/Rose as symbol of beauty


    Hair Care:

    Erhöht Glanz/Improves Gloss, Erhöht Haarkraft/Increases hair-strength

  • Solubility

    Oil soluble

  • Dose

    0.1 - 5 %

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