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Product description:

Faba TONIQ®: Crafting Timeless Curls Through Sustainable Magic!


Curling your hair transcends mere styling; it is a captivating odyssey of self-expression, a vibrant celebration of your unique individuality. Whether influenced by the timeless allure of Hollywood glam or the carefree vibes of beachy waves, curls serve as an exquisite canvas for both creativity and confidence.


Yet, in the pursuit of perfect curls, challenges arise. The delicate balance between achieving a natural look and preventing heat damage, the battle against persistent frizz, and the quest for enduring curls—all demand attention.


Introducing Faba TONIQ® – the novel, natural and sustainable hair styling. Engineered for long lasting curl retention up to an impressive 48 hours, this innovative product is crafted from an upcycled chickpea extract, a by-product of hummus production, ensuring both style and sustainability.


The journey of Faba TONIQ® begins with the harvest of chickpea pods. Following a meticulous process of soaking, boiling, and skin removal to create hummus, a valuable leftover liquid extract is generated. This extract undergoes an in-house upcycling process and is then expertly combined with a preservative, resulting in the creation of Faba TONIQ®.


Enriched with natural polymers, Faba TONIQ® mirrors the nutritional profile of chickpeas, offering a concentrated blend of complex carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids, peptides, and polypeptides. Beyond mere styling, the potent extract contains an all-natural blend of polymers to create a protective layer on the hair, locking in moisture and delivering flawlessly sleek curls that endure even in high humidity.

Faba TONIQ® is versatile, catering to all hair textures and curl types, whether styled or natural. Experience enhanced hair manageability, effortless detangling, and the allure of curls that stand the test of time. Choose Faba TONIQ® – where natural beauty meets exceptional styling. Elevate your hair care routine with the sustainable magic of Faba TONIQ®.

Faba TONIQ® - Curl Retention

  • INCI

    conventional: Cicer Arietnum Seed Extract, Benzyl Alcohol


    SB: Cicer Arietnum Seed Extract, Sodium Benzoate


  • Country availability


  • Quality

    conventional: preserved with Benzyl Alcohol

    SB: preserved with Sodium Benzoat

  • Application areas

    Hair care

  • Claim

    Lockenerhalt/Curl Retention, Stabilisiert Locken/Stabilizes Curls, Ernährt Haare/Nourishing Hair, Erhöht Definition und Bildung von Locken/Increases Curl Definition and formation, Upcycling

  • Solubility

    Water soluble

  • Dose

    3 - 10 %

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