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Product description:

Filcortex VEG is a synergistic complex of active ingredients from the extract of a red alga (Kappaphycus Alvarezii) and brown alga (Laminara Saccharina), hydrolyzed rice and soy proteins and the amino acid glycine.


This combination of ingredients is supposed to mimic certain amino acids, namely the so-called Keratin-Associated Proteins (KAPs).


KAPs fill the empty spaces of the complex hair structure and consist of over 100 proteins that can be divided into 3 groups.


Two groups are known as High Sulfur KAPs, meaning rich in sulfur, and contain amino acids such as cysteine and form strong covalent bonds with the keratin fiber.


The third group, on the other hand, is low in sulfur (Low Sulfur KAPS) and is also known as HGT (High Glycine-to-Tyrosine). These KAPs are responsible for the adhesion between macrofibrils, the cortex and the cuticle. They give the hair the flexibility and resistance.


The Low Sulfur KAPs are more soluble and are more susceptible to chemical, physical and environmental influences compared to Keratin and High Sulfur KAPS. Therefore, the low sulfur proteins are removed first during chemical and thermal treatments such as straightening, coloring or bleaching. The result is damaged hair.


Due to the synergistic complex, Filcortex VEG is rich in amino acids and peptides and is thus designed to replicate the low-sulfur KAPs.


The mode of action has been investigated and for this Assessa has first shown that Filcortex VEG binds to damaged hair, reduces disulfide bond breaks and consequently maintains the hair structure. In addition, it was shown that the cuticle is blocked and thus amino acids are sealed within it.


Hair samples were treated with a 2% aqueous solution of Filcortex VEG and it was shown that Filcortex VEG helps to increase hair thickness.

In a shampoo and conditioner, the positive influence on hair thickness was also demonstrated.


Lastly, on natural Caucasian hair, split ends were shown to be reduced by up to 90% compared to the control.


In summary, Filcortex VEG uses a synergistic complex of active ingredients to mimic specific amino acids of the hair cortex to strengthen damaged hair and restore the structure of the hair cortex.

Filcortex VEG

  • INCI

    PE: Kappaphycus Alvarezii Extract, Laminaria Saccharina Extract, Hydrolyzed Rice Bran Protein, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Glycine, Aqua, Phenoxyethanol and Ethylhexylglycerin


    BS: Kappaphycus Alvarezii Extract, Laminaria Saccharina Extract, Hydrolyzed Rice Bran Protein, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Glycine, Aqua, Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate

  • Quality

    PE, BS

  • Country availability

    Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg

  • Application areas

    Hair care

  • Claim

    Erhöht Haardichte/Increases Hair Density, Haarschutz/Hair protection, Vermeidung von Spliss/Prevention of split ends, Thermischer Schutz/Thermal Protection, Erhöht Haarvolumen/Increases Hair Volume

  • Solubility

    Water soluble

  • Dose

    Shampoo/Conditioner: 1-3%
    Leave on: 1.5 - 3%
    Hair mask: 1.5 - 3%
    Serum: 1.5 - 3%

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