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Product description:

To start directly with a few keywords, we can say that Galactinol Advanced is a biomimetic concept that helps our skin to better protect itself from extreme climatic conditions.


We are experiencing climatic extremes more and more frequently lately, although they can of course have very different manifestations. In recent years we have experienced mostly very warm and dry summers, but under such weather "suffers" not only nature, but also our skin is extremely stressed!


The classic consequences of such environmental stress are oxidative stress, DNA damage, reduced protein functionality, lower sugar levels (proteoglycans or hyaluronic acid), a weakening of the skin barrier or a reduced content of matrix components.


For this reason, we have looked to nature to see if there are plants that can withstand extreme climatic conditions and have landed relatively quickly on resurrection plants.


But what secondary plant compounds actually allow resurrection plants to reduce damage from prolonged dehydration or extreme climatic conditions and improve metabolism when external conditions improve again?


The protective mechanism of resurrection plants is primarily based on an accumulation of sugars belonging to the raffinose family and for this process Galactinol plays a central role, because Galactinol directly promotes the production of sugars belonging to the raffinose family and it also directly protects the plants from climatic stress.


With Galactinol Advanced, we have now succeeded in transferring this fascinating biology of resurrection plants into a cosmetic raw material in order to make these unique protective mechanisms available to our skin.


Specifically, this goal is achieved with the help of green chemistry. Galactinol Advanced uses a biocatalytic process to extract galactinol from raffinose from cottonseed and inositol from rice bran.


Experimentally, Galactinol Advanced has been studied very extensively by Clariant and the first point was the influence on environmental aggressors such as UVA and UVB radiation.


In-Vitro studies showed that Galactinol Advanced protects both fibroblasts and keratinocytes significantly better against UV radiation, making the cells more resistant to sun-induced damage.


In a second step, it was examined whether Galactinol Advanced is able to stimulate the "protective system" of the cells. In this case, the extent to which the genes responsible for antioxidant protection or DNA repair can be upregulated was investigated. In both cases a very intense effect could be shown and thus Galactinol Advanced is able to strengthen cell protection and prevent cellular damage.


The third topic that Clariant looked at more intensively was protein quality, which also suffers under extreme climatic conditions. In this case, they looked at heat shock proteins, as they play a very central role in the proper folding of newly synthesized proteins. It was shown In-Vitro that Galactinol Advanced significantly increases the expression of several heat shock proteins, even under extreme climatic conditions such as 44°C or a relative humidity of 90%.


Finally, an influence on the synthesis of different matrix components was investigated and also in this area Galactinol Advanced is able to significantly increase the expression of different growth factors, laminin, elastin or even collagen.


With this great news in the bag, the clinical investigation of the active ingredient was started and here 2 topics were in focus:


1. The influence on various skin parameters was investigated, such as skin elasticity, skin firmness or wrinkles.


2. In a second part it was determined if and to what extend the active substance affects the population and the functionality of the skin microbiome.


In both cases, a cream containing 2% was tested against placebo for a period of 4 weeks. To make the placebo a little more effective, the 2% was not only topped up with water, but with 1.6% glycerol.


After 4 weeks, the improvement in elasticity was twice as good as the placebo, at almost 20%, and in terms of firmness, the result was even almost 10 times better, at 5.5%.


There was also a very significant reduction in wrinkles with 18.9% and the effect was 4 times more intensive than with the placebo. The effect of Galactinol Advanced can also be seen very clearly in the mimic wrinkle area.


With regard to the skin microbiome, Galactionol Advanced was shown to be completely compatible with the microbiome and there was no change in the composition of the microbiome during the clinical study.


In addition, Galactinol Advanced was able to stimulate the skin microbiome and increase the release of proteins with antioxidant, proteostatic or metabolism stimulating function. The active ingredient thus ensures that the skin microbiome also contributes even more to the protection of the skin.


Technically, Galactionol Advanced is an unpreserved active ingredient based on glycerin and water, to which only sodium phosphate is added for stabilization. The raw material is transparent and almost colorless and can be used in a pH range of 3 - 10.


The active ingredient should not be exposed to temperatures above 50°C and can be incorporated into cream, gel or surfactant formulations without problems.


Also a China conformity is given and therefore almost no wishes should remain unfulfilled!


In summary, Galactinol Advanced is a very exciting biomimetic concept that helps the skin to better protect itself from extreme climatic conditions and even stimulates the microbiome, so that this also contributes a stronger part to the protection.

Galactinol Advanced

  • INCI

    Glycerin, Water, Saccharide Isomerate, Inositol, Sodium Phosphate

  • Country availability

    Germany, Austria, Switzerland

  • Application areas

    Eye care, Facial care, Sun care

  • Claim

    Biomimetisch/Biomimetic, Hautschützend/Skin Protective, Hautbefeuchtend/Skin Moisturizing, Biotechnologisch/Biotechnology, Haut Beruhigend/Skin Soothing, Hautbarriere Regenerierend/Skin barrier regenerating, Mikrobiom Freundlich/Microbiom Friendly, Mikrobiom Anregend/Microbiome stimulating, Haut Straffend/Skin Firming, Falten Reduzierend/Wrinkle Reducing 

  • Solubility

    Water soluble

  • Dose

    0.5 - 3 %

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