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Product description:

Gosulin IL is a vegetable emollient derived from renewable natural sources such as sugar and coconut. Gosulin IL has unmacthed properties to replace volatile silicones. Reduces the whitening effect of emulsions and improves spreadability.


The Gosulin IL has endless application possibilities and is the perfect pioneer for the development of natural cosmetics. With the Gosulin IL MB, a China-compliant variant is also available.

Gosulin IL

  • INCI

    IL: Isoamyl Laurate, Isoamyl Cocoate

    IL MB: Isoamyl Laurate


  • Quality

    IL, IL MB

  • Country availability


  • Application areas

    Eye care, Facial care, Hair care, Hand and foot care, Hygiene products, Body care, Lip care, Men's care, Oral care, Sun care

  • Claim

    Haarpflegenden Effekt/Hair conditioning effect, Lösungsmittel/Solvent, Benetzungsmittel/Wetting agent, Pflanzlicher Ersatz für Cyclopentasiloxan/ Vegetable replacement for cyclopentasiloxane, Silikon Alternative/Silicon alternative, Verringert die Klebrigkeit und Fettigkeit/Reduces greasiness and tackiness, Verbessert die Streichfähigkeit/Improves spreadability, Dispergiermittel/Dispersing agent, Nicht Komedogen/Non komedogen, SPF-Verstärker/SPF booster

  • Solubility

    Oil soluble

  • Dose

    1 - 100 %

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