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Product description:

Gosulin Rice is a rice starch whose rice is entirely obtained in the EU and it is a risotto rice.


It is 100% natural and has a 30% higher oil absorption rate than traditional rice starches and 70% better absorption than talc at a 3% use level.


With an application concentration of 25%, Gosulin Rice also works immediately against blackheads.
After using a cleansing product containing Gosulin rice for a week, pores were reduced by 60%.


The Gosulin Rice should be worked into the water phase and, rom a temperature of 70°C Gosulin Rice has a thickening effect in the formulation in addition to the effects mentioned above.


The Gosulin Rice is not only suitable for rinse-off products, but is also suitable for creams or make-up.

Gosulin Rice

  • INCI

    Oryza Sativa Starch


  • Quality


  • Country availability


  • Application areas

    Baby care, Facial care, Hair care, Hand and foot care, Body care, Men care, Oral care

  • Claim

    Enfernt Mitesser/Removes blackheads, Mattierend/Mattifying, Sebumreduktion/Reduction of Sebum, Reinigend/Cleansing, Verdicker/Thickener, Natürlich/Natural, Herkunkt EU/Origin EU

  • Solubility

    Not water soluble

    Not oil soluble

  • Dose

    0.5 - 25 %

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