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Product description:

Rocket salad is one of the so called “Super Foods”. When we eat it, the plant is able to release Isothiocyanates that help our cells strengthen the phase II defense system of our body. Glutathione (GSH) is a tripeptide, one of the key molecules of this defensive system, and Glutathione is the only antioxidant that our cells are able to produce by themselves.


GSH directly participates in the neutralization of free radicals and regenerates Vitamins C and E, keeping them in their active forms. GSH also plays a prominent role the protection of DNA, in the detoxification processes and in the soothing of inflammatory processes.


GSH-Defense was developed by applying the Bioliquefaction in order to release all the beneficial molecules contained in rocket salad in their bioavailable and biologically active form. GSH-Defense is therefore able to effectively promote the synthesis of glutathione in the skin. This helps the cells strengthen the natural defense against radical related stress, increasing their endogenous antioxidant capacity.


GSH-Defense is able to soothe and calm irritated skin by improving its capacity to recover after stress, since the product is able to quickly and effectively enhance the defensive response, also acting as a protective barrier.


  • INCI

    Hydrolyzed Eruca Sativa Leaf, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate

  • Country availability

    Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg

  • Areas of application

    Facial care, Body care

  • Claim

    Glutathion-Synthesesteigerung/Boosts Glutathione Synthesis, Hautschutz/Skin Protection, Antioxidans/Antioxidant, Hautberuhigung/Skin Calming, Irritationslindernd/Skin Soothing

  • Solubility

    Water soluble

  • Dosage

    3 %

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