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Product description:

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Beraca's line of clays offer a unique variety of colours with distinct cosmetic benefits and sustainable extraction.


Beraclays consist of a wide range of natural colours that contain no artificial dyes or pigments. The colours are variations of minerals and oligo-elements offered by nature.


The clays improve the stability and sensory properties of emulsions and the products are not irradiated or chemically treated.


Beraca takes a very special approach to batch size in particular, because the size of a so-called mother batch for the Clays is several tonnes. This batch will of course last for many years, but the reason for this approach is to be able to guarantee you the most consistent colouring of the clays possible.


Other exciting advantages of Beraca's clays, apart from the exoticism, are of course the For Life certification, which, apart from ensuring good working conditions and fair payment, also ensures that the environment is treated sensibly and sustainably.


For this reason, there is a regeneration plan for the extraction of Beraca`s clays, which provides for the resulting excavations to be used either as artificial lakes or to fill the "holes" with soil and replant them.


Beraca's products also differ from other clays in terms of their mineral composition. Beraclays are made exclusively from kaolin and this mineral is much softer than other clays. This consequently makes the perception and sensory experience on the skin much more pleasant.


Furthermore, Beraclays have a lower water absorption, which reduces the risk of clumping in the formulation and makes the clays less drying for the skin, especially in masks.


Also, Beraca's products have a very beautiful and sometimes intense colouring and even with 0.5% a foundation can be coloured very nicely. In addition, Beraca can offer more exotic colours such as pink, violet, black or gold, but of course there are also classic colours such as brown, red, gold or grey in the product range.


For such a purpose, the clays are really excellent, as the colours of the Clays are light and heat stable on top of that.


In the field of dry shampoos, for example, the lower absorption capacity can of course be seen as a disadvantage, but here too, of course, the lower risk of clumping, especially in sprayable formulations, offers a great advantage.


In some cases, Beraca has even carried out efficacy tests with the clays. Clinically, the use of a face mask with Beraclay Light Green has been shown to help reduce skin oiliness and increase skin elasticity and firmness.


The general advantages of clays for emulsions were demonstrated with the Beraclay Light Green aswell by investigating thixotropy, zeta potential, cationic exchange, water absorption and oil absorption.

Light Green Clay

  • INCI


  • Quality


  • Country availability

    Germany, Austria, Switzerland

  • Application areas

    Baby care, Color cosmetics, Facial care, Hair care, Hand and foot care, Body care, Lip care, Men's care

  • Claim

    Gesichtspflege/Facial care:
    Sebumregulierend/Sebum regulation, Reduziert Öligkeit/Reduces oiliness, Erhöht Elastizität und Straffung/Improves elasticity and firmness

    Verbessert Emulsionsstabilität/Improves emulsion stability, Verbessert Sensorik/Improves sensoric, Detox, Anti-Pollution, Natürlicher Farbstoff/Natural Colorant, Hitzestabil/Heat-stable, Lichtstabil/light-stable 

  • Solubility

    Dispersible in water and oil

  • Dose

    Emulsion O/W: 0.5 - 10% 
    Emulsion W/O: 0.5 - 6% 
    Sensory Modifier: 1 – 5%
    Masks: 10  - 60%
    Cleaning: up to 10%
    Soaps: 5 – 15%.

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