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Product description:

MReload Sequoia is an active plant cell derived from the leaf of the Sequoia sempervirens, known for its natural antioxidant and soothing properties. This unique ingredient has been clinically studied for its effectiveness in reducing wrinkles, tightening skin and regulating inflammation in men. At a concentration of 0.5% MReload Sequoia, the results of the 28-day study showed significant improvements in the appearance of wrinkles and overall skin health when used twice daily.


MReload Sequoia not only helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve skin firmness, but is also an excellent natural moisturiser. Its ability to regulate inflammation and soothe the skin makes it an ideal choice for men prone to redness and irritation, especially in urban environments where daily shaving and environmental stresses can stress the skin.


In addition to its anti-ageing and moisturising benefits, MReload Sequoia also has antioxidant properties that help to reduce overall oxidation, which is a major factor in the ageing process. By neutralising free radicals and protecting the skin from harmful environmental factors, MReload Sequoia can help keep skin looking healthy and youthful.


Overall, MReload Sequoia is a powerful active plant cell that offers a range of benefits for men's skin. Its natural soothing and antioxidant properties make it a great choice for anyone looking to improve the appearance of wrinkles, firmness and overall skin health.


MReload Sequoia is available in the following four different forms:


1) 100% Powder

2) 20% Plant Cells Sonicated in Glycerin

3) 20% Plant Cells Sonicated in Sunflower Oil

4) 20% Dispersed in Glycerin

MReload Sequoia

  • INCI

    Sequoia sempervirens leaf cell extract

  • Quality

    100% powder

    20% cells sonicated in sunflower oil

    20% cells sonicated in glycerin

    20% cells dispersed in glycerin

  • Country availability

    Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg

  • Application areas

    Eye care, Facial care, Men's care

  • Claim

    Aktive Pflanzenzelle/Active Plant Cell,  Reduziert Falten/Reduce Wrinkles, Anti-Falten/Anti-Aging, Antioxidantien/Antioxidant, Gegen Krähenfüsse/ Against crow's feet, Straffung/Firming, Natürlich/ Natural, Beruhigend/Soothing, Reguliert Entzündungen/Regulates Inflammation, Feuchtigkeitsspendend/Moisturizing, Für Männer/For men, Reduzierung der allgemeinen Oxidation/ Reducing general oxidation

  • Solubility

    Dispersible in oil and water

  • Dose

    0.1 - 2.5 %

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