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Product description:

NewReGeneration Cocoa is a natural, antioxidant-rich, active plant cell derived from Theobroma cacao, developed by Naolys for use in anti-ageing cosmetics. This unique ingredient has been specifically formulated to improve the appearance and health of the skin by firming, regenerating and restructuring it.


One of the key ways in which NewReGeneration Cocoa works is to promote the synthesis of skin fibres, resulting in denser, regenerated tissues. This is particularly important as we age, as our skin tends to lose elasticity and firmness due to the depletion of collagen and other structural proteins. By strengthening the skin barrier and increasing cellular regeneration of the epidermis, NewReGeneration Cocoa can help improve the overall appearance of the skin, making it look firmer, more resilient and younger.


To understand the mechanisms behind these effects, Naolys has conducted a series of in vitro studies on the components of the extracellular matrix (ECM). The ECM is a complex network of proteins, proteoglycans and other molecules that provide structural support to cells and tissues.


One of the key findings from these studies is that NewReGeneration Cocoa stimulates the synthesis of proteoglycans, which are important for maintaining the integrity and elasticity of the ECM. At 2.5% concentration, NewReGeneration Cocoa was found to increase rates of perimembrane glycans by 32%, transmembrane glycans by 35% and matrix proteoglycans by 36%.


In addition to increasing proteoglycan synthesis, NewReGeneration Cocoa also appears to increase the synthesis of laminin, a protein critical for cell attachment and differentiation. At 2.5% concentration, NewReGeneration Cocoa was found to increase laminin rates by 28%. Collagen synthesis was also increased by up to 33%.


Another important finding is that NewReGeneration Cocoa appears to inhibit the activity of MMP3, an enzyme that degrades ECM and is involved in tissue remodelling. At concentrations of 0.5%, 1% and 2.5%, NewReGeneration Cocoa was found to reduce MMP3 activity by 21%, 25% and 30%, respectively. This indicates that it maintains the structural integrity of the ECM and prevents the premature degradation of collagen and other fibres.


Finally, NewReGeneration Cocoa was also found to increase integrin synthesis, which plays a role in cell adhesion and migration. At concentrations of 0.5%, 1% and 2.5%, NewReGeneration Cocoa increased integrin synthesis by 18%, 28% and 32%, respectively.


In addition to these effects on ECM, NewReGeneration Cocoa was also found to stimulate epidermal cell proliferation, as evidenced by an increase in KI 67 expression. At 2.5% concentration, NewReGeneration Cocoa increased keratinocyte proliferation in the basal layer by 23%. Filaggrin expression was also decreased, resulting in more uniform labelling of this protein in the granular layer.


NewReGeneration Cocoa is available in the following four different forms:


1) 100% Powder

2) 20% Plant Cells Sonicated in Glycerin

3) 20% Plant Cells Sonicated in Sunflower Oil

4) 20% Dispersed in Glycerin

NewReGeneration Cocoa

  • INCI

    Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Leaf Cell Extract

  • Quality

    100% powder

    20% cells sonicated in sunflower oil

    20% cells sonicated in glycerin

    20% cells dispersed in glycerin

  • Country availability

    Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg

  • Application areas

    Eye care, Color cosmetics, Facial care, Lip care

  • Claim

    Anti-Aging, Aktive Pflanzenzelle/Active plant cell, Straffend/Firming, Natürlich/Natural, Antioxidant, Regenerierend/Regenerating, Restrukturierung/ Restructurating, Verbesserung Fasersynthese/ Improves fibre synthesis, Erhöht die Zellregeneration der Epidermis/Increases epidermis cell regeneration, Stärkt die schützende Hautbarriere/Strenghen the protective skin barrier

  • Solubility

    Dispersible in oil and water

  • Dose

    0.1 - 2.5 %

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