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Product description:

PowerExtension [HSB+R] is a natural active plant cell derived from Hibiscus Syriacus and enriched with rutin, a plant compound known for its antioxidant properties. This powerful ingredient has been shown to provide a range of benefits to the skin, including protection against oxidative stress, boosting energy production and reducing wrinkles, especially around the eyes.


In vitro tests have shown that PowerExtension [HSB+R] stimulates cell metabolism and proteasome activity, resulting in an overall increase in skin cell activity. It also improves respiration and energy metabolism, resulting in an energising effect on the skin. Furthermore, PowerExtension [HSB+R] has a strong antioxidant effect by reducing the production of free radicals.


These effects were also confirmed by clinical tests, with a study using an emulsion containing 0.1% PowerExtension [HSB+R] showing a significant reduction in wrinkling. After 28 days of twice-daily application to the crow's feet of women aged 40-65, a 27% reduction in wrinkle area was observed. The total number of wrinkles was reduced by 21%, a 30% reduction was seen in the length of wrinkles and a 2% decrease in the average depth of wrinkles was noted. These results were confirmed by the survey of the test persons, as 95% of the women stated that the dryness wrinkles were softer and of 85% of the women, stated that the wrinkles were reduced.


Overall, PowerExtension [HSB+R] is a highly effective active plant cell that can help protect the skin from oxidative stress, boost energy production and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Because of its natural formula, it can be used in a variety of cosmetic products, and its in vitro and clinical test results make it a reliable choice for anyone looking to improve the health and appearance of their skin.


PwerExtension [HSB+R] is available in the following four different forms:


1) 100% Powder

2) 20% Plant cells sonicated in Glycerin

3) 20% Plant cells sonicated in Sunflower oil

4) 20% Dispersed in Glycerin

PowerExtension [HSB+R]

  • INCI

    Hibiscus Syriacus Callus Extract, Rutin

  • Quality

    100% powder

    20% cells sonicated in sunflower oil

    20% cells sonicated in glycerin

    20% cells dispersed in glycerin

  • Country availability

    Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg

  • Application areas

    Eye care, Color cosmetics, Facial care

  • Claim

    Schutz/Protection, Antioxidation/Antioxidation,
    Verstärkt die Energieproduktion/Reinforces energy production, Steigert die Gesamtaktivität der Hautzellen/Boosts overall activity of skin cells, Restimuliert die Stoffwechselmechanismen/ Restimulates metabolic mechanisms, Verringert Falten/Decreases Wrinkles, Verlangsamt die Zelloxidation/Slows down cell oxidation, Verringert die Produktion von freien Radikalen/Reduces production of free radicals, Aktive Pflanzenzelle/ Active plant cell, Natürlich/Natural, Anti-Falten/Anti-Wrinkle, Gegen Krähenfüße/Against crow's feet, Detox

  • Solubility

    Dispersible in oil and water

  • Dose

    0.1 - 2.5 %

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