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Product description:

The preBIULIN ORAL is a mixture of inulin and fructooligosaccharides, which was specially developed for use in oral care.


With preBIULIN ORAL you support the protective balance in the oral flora, as preBIULIN ORAL supports the important regulating and protecting bacterium Streptococcus salivarius.


At the same time, the preBIULIN ORAL suppresses the spread of cariogenic bacteria and the bacteria associated with gingivitis. With the preBIULIN ORAL, the bad odor bacteria and the formation of plaque are reduced.


Furthermore, the preBIULIN ORAL supports white teeth and protects sensitive gums. With preBIULN ORAL you have the perfect companion for improved oral hygiene, which at the same time still supports the general health.


  • INCI

    Fructooligosaccharides, Glycerin, Aqua, Inulin


  • Country availability


  • Application areas

    Oral care

  • Claim

    Verhindert Karies/Prevents tooth decay, Reduziert schlechten Atem/Reduce bad breath, Zahn- und Zahnfleisch Schutz/Tooth and gum protection, Verbesserte Mundhygiene/Improved oral hygiene

  • Solubility

    Water soluble

  • Dose

    1.5 - 5 %

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