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Product description:

An important feature of this concept is the extraction of the raw material, because for this purpose the roots of plants are milked!


In this process, the plants are first grown in very special seed trays in a greenhouse, where the roots hang freely in the air.


It is well known that nutrient uptake by plants occurs through the roots, so this method offers another very important advantage. The free hanging of the roots does not only allow to milk them, but it also makes it possible to supply the roots with nutrients in a very targeted way and thus to increase the synthesis of cosmetically relevant components of the phytocomplex.


In addition, with this process we have no conflict between nutrition and technical application as far as the use of agricultural land is concerned, we have no conflict with the Nagoya Protocol, we can access even roots of rather difficult species such as trees, we have a completely environmentally friendly process and the plants can be milked multiple times per year, as time losses due to new sowing and raising do not come into play with this technology. It further allows us to use the same biomass multiple times, which also fits very nicely into the theme of a more conscious usage to resources.


However, with Prenylium we don’t only have an extremely exciting manufacturing process but also a great cosmetic concept!


The active ingredient is based on "milked" roots of the white mulberry, which by nature already has a very low content of prenylated flavonoids. However, by selectively supplying the roots with nutrients, the content of the lead substance in the "milked" active ingredient can be increased by 2,000% compared to a conventional root extract. This active enrichment allows us the equip the natural active with a cosmetic efficacy that normally doesn’t exist. Clariant Active Ingredients could demonstrate that Prenylium provides a very strong inhibition of collagenase, while a conventional white mulberry root extract has no effect at all. This is really astonishing, because it gives us the possibility to combine naturalness and high-tech in one ingredient and it helps us to maximize the benefit our natural actives.


Cosmetically, Prenylium deals with the so-called matrisome and the matrisome is simply the complete gene pool of all components of the extracellular matrix and of proteins that are connected to the extracellular matrix.


Within this gene pool, Clariant Active Ingredients specifically searched for genomes that are “Dr. Evil” and thus mainly responsible for the process of accelerated skin aging. Either by regulating the structural organization of the matrix, by matrix degradation or by impacting the synthesis of important matrix components.


With CCN1 (CYR61 Cysteine-rich angiogenic inducer 61) such an important super evil could be discovered, as this genome alone already reduces decorin and collagen synthesis and upregulates matrix metalloproteinases.


With a variety of In-Vitro test Clariant Active Ingredients could demonstrate that Prenylium is able to reduce the expression of this genome, the active further inhibit the collagenase and Prenylium also protects our collagen reserve from UV radiation.


The active ingredient has also been clinically studied and already after 4 weeks wrinkles can be reduced by an absolute 12.7% at a dosage of just 1%. This effect even increases to 16.6% after 8 weeks. These numbers do not sound gigantic at first glance, but we are talking about absolute percentages here and a collagen injection for examples reduces wrinkles by an absolute 15% in comparison. Clariant Active Ingredients further decided to study the efficacy on the nasolabial wrinkles, which are generally much more difficult to reduce.


The height profiles of the test persons also illustrate the clarity of the effect, as the skin is visibly smoothed and heights and depths are brought back into balance.


Also, the suppleness of the skin is absolutely improved after 8 weeks by 20%!


With Prenylium, sustainability, uniqueness and effectiveness as you can see are combined in an excellent way and we have here an extremely exciting active ingredient!

Prenylium - Matrisome Protection for Anti-Aging

  • INCI

    Propandiol, Water, Morus Alba Root Extract

  • Country availability

    Germany, Austria, Switzerland

  • Application areas

    Facial care

  • Claim

    Faltenglätter/Wrinkle smoother, Dermale Matrix Beschützer/Dermal matrix protector, Nachhaltig/ Sustainable, Natürlich/Natural, Vielseitig/Verstatile 

  • Solubility

    Water soluble

  • Dose

    1 %

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