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Product description:

With the active ingredient Rootness Awake from Clariant Active Ingredients, we offer you nothing less than an environmentally friendly all-round care package for the eye contour.


The eye area is probably one of the most expressive parts of the skin we have, because most of the time the people around us read from our eyes how we feel and for this impression the eye contour plays a very central role. Unfortunately, the eye contour is also the most fragile and stressed part of our face.


Skin-wise, the eye contour is characterized by a very thin thickness, which allows our vascular network to be easily seen. Furthermore, in this area we have a very low content of elastic fibers such as collagen or elastin and we have a much lower content of sebaceous and sweat glands. Thus, the skin of the eye area is even more prone to sagging, dryness or irritation.


Another famous problem of the eye area are the dark circles under the eyes, but these are not only caused by lack of sleep. External influences such as air pollution or UV radiation also play a role here, as do stress or our diet.


However, we also have to differentiate a little when it comes to dark circles, because on the one hand we have the dark shade and this can have several causes. The red color is mostly caused by irritations, which are caused by a leaky capillary network. The blue color has several causes, such as insufficient microcirculation or vasodilation, but also the formation of new capillaries.

Then, in the case of the bags under the eyes, we usually have two problems. One issue is local edema formation due to vascular leakage and the second issue is insufficient firmness due to a lack of elastic fibers.

With the Rootness Awake we now have the solution to all of these problems and at the same time we do it with the help of a very special and sustainable manufacturing process. Rootness Awake is based on the plant-milking technology, in which the plants are grown in aeroponic conditions in a greenhouse.


The aeroponic conditions allow a very sustainable access to the roots of the plants and in this case the same plant can even be milked several times a year.


The free-hanging roots further allow us to significantly increase the cosmetic efficacy of the plant material, by enriching it with the desired secondary plant compounds.


In the case of Rootness Awake, sweet potato roots are milked and the lead ingredient is dicaffeoyl quinate esters. The sweet potato makes milking even easier, because the roots take on a light pink color when they are full of active ingredients such as polyphenols or anthocyanins and thus indicate themselves when they are ready to be milked.


Other advantages of the process are that we need 90% less water compared to a classic cultivation, we have a 100% traceability, since from the selection of the plants to the final product everything takes place in one place.


We have a significantly lower need for plant material and we don't need any dangerous chemicals during the whole process!


With regard to the proof of efficacy, Clariant Active Ingredients initially focused on 4 different topics i



1) The first focus was the influence on inflammatory mediators to reduce redness under the eye. Within a transcriptomic analysis it could be shown that Rootness Awake downregulates diverse genomes, which are responsible for different inflammatory mechanisms.


2) The second focus was on vascularization and in this case the active ingredient is able to reduce vascular protein synthesis, as well as cell migration and vascularization.


3) The third focus was on the protection of skin thickness, by preserving the dermal-extracellular matrix. Rootness Awake is able to inhibit the expression of various enzymes responsible for the degradation of the extracellular matrix.


4) The final In-Vitro focus was on stimulating cell metabolism and improving skin integrity. Through its unique composition, Rootness Awake significantly increases the collagen synthesis, thereby densifying the dermis and significantly improving the skin integrity. This is due to the optimization of the cell metabolism.


Strengthened by these great results, a clinical study was of course also carried out, with a dosage of 1% and over a period of 4 weeks.

The parameters studied were the redness and brightness under the eye, the mechanical properties of the skin in the eye contour area and the volume of the bags under the eyes.


A special feature of Rootness Awake is that we have a very fast efficacy, and so the redness under the eye was reduced by 18% after only 7 days. Subsequently, however, in this case, a plateau of effectiveness was reached, so that after 4 weeks there was no further increase.


In the case of brightness, we also already have an improvement of 1.5% after 7 days, which corresponds to a 3-fold better effect than with the placebo. Subsequently, however, we also reach an efficacy plateau here.


In the case of skin firmness, we have very impressive figures and here an increase of 95% could be achieved after 7 days, which still increased to 149% after 28 days. This means a 3-fold or 5-fold better effect than with the placebo.


The effect on the bags under the eyes is also really impressive, with a reduction of 30% after 7 days, which increased to 40% after 4 weeks.


Technically, with Rootness Awake, we have a water-soluble active ingredient based on propanediol and water, and only sodium sulfate is added to the raw material to stabilize it. Externally, we have a transparent, yellowish liquid, but the raw material has no effect on the color of the formulation at the dosage tested, and this was tested in both a cream and gel base.


The active ingredient can be used in a pH range of 3-8 and is even fully compatible with ethanol.


We have a China compatibility and the active ingredient is also suitable for certified natural cosmetics!


Only higher temperatures should be avoided, although this has become almost standard for active ingredients!


In summary, we have with Rootness Awake an active ingredient that is produced with the help of a unique process, which on top of that is particularly sustainable and transparent! We have a very rare lead substance that is great to differentiate over and cannot be conventionally cultivated economically in sweet potato. We have a very detailed investigated mechanism of action and we have a clinical effectiveness, which actually leaves nothing to be desired in terms of scope and speed!

Rootness Awake

  • INCI

    Propandiol, Water, Ipomoea Batatas Root Extract, Sodium Sulfate

  • Country availability

    Germany, Austria, Switzerland

  • Application areas

    Eye care, Color cosmetics, Facial care

  • Claim

    Nachhaltig/Sustainable, Vielseitig/Versatile, Schnellwirkend/Fast-effect, Innovativ/Innovative, Natürlich/Natural, Reduziert Müdes Aussehen/ Reduces tired appearance, Strafft Augenpartie/ Tightens eye area 

  • Solubility

    Water soluble

  • Dose

    0.1 - 3 %

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