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Product description:

Starphere CS5-WH602 are silicone-based, hard, dry spherical beads that remain hard in virtually all types of cosmetic system and are suitable for use as exfoliating bodies. At the same time, they can be used to provide a visual appeal or to highlight a function and attract the consumer's eyes.

Starphere CS5-WH602

  • INCI

    Silica, CI 77891 (US: Titanium Dioxide)

  • Particle size

    180 - 500 µm

  • Colour


  • Loading


  • Country availability

    Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg

  • Application areas

    Eye care, Baby care, Color cosmetics, Facial care, Hair care, Hand and foot care, Home care, Body care, Lip care, Men's care, Oral care, Sun care

  • Claim

    Optische Claims/Optical Claims, Beladung von Wirkstoffen/Loading of actives, Stabilisierung von Wirkstoffen/Stabilization of actives, Verkapseln/ Encapsulate, Visuelle Träger System/Visual carrier systems, Peeling, Abrasive, Scrub

  • Solubility

    Insoluble in water and oils, remain hard in common cosmetic systems

  • Dose

    0.5 - 1 %

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