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Product description:

Ucuuba butter is a very special product, as it consists almost exclusively of myristic acid. The melting point of the Ucuuba Butter is 35°C - 45°C and has a very unique sensory profile!


The Ucuuba Butter has a very low spreadability, which in turn gives the product a longer playtime on the skin! The oiliness is much lower compared to other butters, which is of course ideal for formulations that need to create a "dry touch" or mattifying effect.


The stickiness on application is slightly higher, but this leaves no negative impact due to the fast absorption and low oiliness!


The product has an intense brown colour and a characteristic "wooden" smell!


Especially for men's care, we can imagine the butter very well, as men tend to have even more oily skin.

Ucuuba Butter

  • INCI

    Virola Surinamensis Seed Butter, Tocopherol


  • Quality

    STD Grade, STD Grade Organic

  • Country availability

    Germany, Austria, Switzerland

  • Application areas

    Facial care, Body care, Men's care

  • Claim

    Schnelle Absorption/Fast Absorption, Dry Touch, Geringe Verteilbarkeit/Low spreadability, Sehr geringe Öligkeit/Very low oiliness, Hohe Klebrigkeit/ High Tackiness, Geringes Silikongefühl/Low silicone feel, Holziger Geruch/Wooden odour, Mattierender Effekt/Mattyfying effect

  • Solubility

    Oil soluble

  • Dose

    1 - 5 %

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