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New collaboration with the company Greenaltech
We are pleased to inform you, that we as Permcos have started the distribution of the company Greenaltech for the countries Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland from now on.

Greenaltech, based in the beautiful city of Barcelona, is a company which is specializing in the production of microalgae. Greenaltech has developed with the product line Algaktiv® some innovative raw materials for the skin care sector and offers with the raw materials a multifunctional range of solutions for your product development!

Algaktiv®-raw materials are based on microalgae, which have the unique property that each cell has a broad range of powerful bioactives.
We would like to introduce you to two of the five exciting raw materials below:

• Restructure Skin – RestoreSKN
The rapid booster of elasticity and firmness!
RestoreSKN restores the skin matrix by actively increasing collagen, elastin and the skin intrinsic growth factors.

• Even Tone – LightSKN
A novel strategy to even the skin tone!
LightSKN ensures a smooth complexion and reduces skin aging thanks to its smart melanin modulation.

The raw materials of Greenaltech are a perfect extension of the current Permcos portfolio and we are extremely happy about this new cooperation. We would be delighted, if the Algaktiv®-raw materials are exactly the right solution for your new product developments!

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further documentation and samples. You can contact us by phone at +41 62 866 11 00 or by e-mail at permcos@permcos.com.

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